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The power of a high level CTO at a fraction of the cost.

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New technologies are exploding and you need help.

VR/AR/MR, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Blockchain – all of these new technologies allow us to invent more than ever before.

But building the world’s next killer application or platform requires a broad understanding across all of these fields and more.

But who has the budget for a high level CTO?

When you’re a startup or early phase company trying to get an idea off the ground you dont have the budget for a high-level, experienced CTO, or you simply don’t need one full time.

What if you could just borrow a CTO?

What if instead, you could just “borrow” a high-level CTO? Rent someone who drinks from the firehose of the bleeding edge and pokes their nose into every new technological advance in the industry, but only when you needed them?

CTO as a Service. A high-level CTO, only when you need one.

That’s what CTO as a Service is all about.   We bring the industry experience, deep networks and technical expertise when you need it, how you need it and for only as long as you need it.
Who can benefit from CTO as a Service?


Entrepreneurs with great ideas but without the technical expertise to bring them to market.


Small start-ups that don’t have experience in enterprise development and delivery.


Established companies looking to expand into new areas without the internal talent.
Service Design
While each engagement is unique, these are some of the basic services that form part of a typical CTO as a Service engagement.

One Single Consultant

One Single Consultant as your CTO for the duration of the contract.

Online Support

Online support via dedicated slack channels and video calls for questions and technical issues.

Requirements Assessment

A comprehensive assessment of your technology capabilites and requirements at the beginning of the engagement.

Ongoing catchups

Ongoing catchup meetings to monitor implementation.


Roadmap including your milestones, available and future technologies, hardware, software, recruitment, processes and development strategy.

Knowledge Base

Access to the Magic industries knowledge base.
Services Offered
We offer our entiure suite of services, but tailored specifically to your requirments and deployed over a monthly engagement. 

White Papers + Technical Specs

  • High level white papers
  • Detailed technical writing
  • Technical Spec documents
  • Modular Design
  • Ready for hand over to build team

Application Architecture

  • Technical Stack direction
  • Development Process
  • Development Team
  • Infrastructure Requirements
  • Risk Assessment

Specialised Workshops

  • Workshops on bleeding edge technologies
  • Tailored for lay people and tech professionals
  • Identification and screening of subject matter experts to deliver workshops on specific topics

Recruitment Assistance

  • Team composition design
  • Locating talent,
  • Interviews
  • Developer testing

Software Development

  • Prototype and PoC development
  • Data architecture
  • Database development
  • Dev environment and build scripts
  • Testing and integration
  • Code reviews
  • Api development
  • Client development
  • Devops & Infrastructure
  • AWS / Elastic Beanstalk setup
  • App store deployments

Ongoing Support

  • General Advisory and support
  • Ongoing support for developers
  • Ongoing review of roadmap and keeping it up to date
  • General advisory availability for leadership or direction questions (sounding board)
  • Ongoing review with the leadership and team to keep things on track

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