About Magic Industries

Bleeding Edge for the Enterprise


Making your new reality look amazing and work like magic,

now and into the future.

Magic Industries has been developing enterprise web, desktop and mobile solutions for over 20 years. We build serious software, covering every aspect of the Software Development Life-cycle from vision and architecture all the way through to development and delivery.


We’ve helped many companies small and large improve their products, build industry leading development processes and create solid maintainable solutions across all kinds of different industries.


Having been speakers and mentors in the area of improving development practices, skilling up developers to enterprise level and educating business on delivering lean products with solid foundations, we take our work very seriously. We believe that no matter the size of the solution, with the right process and people it can be delivered in a timely fashion and in a state that leaves the business ready to expand and move forward.


Whether you’re in need of solution architecture, improvements to your development process or a whole software solution developed, we can help with every stage. Magic Industries prides itself on delivering robust solutions with solid best practice underpinnings using the latest techniques and technologies. We know that the primary motivation of all commercial software must be business and user driven, and we strive to ensure that everything we deliver will stand alone with or without us.


We make magic on an industrial scale, and everything we deliver is documented and handed over completely, not to mention covered by our guarantee to come back and fix any bugs for free. We believe strongly that any solution we deliver should be free of issues and encumbrance, so your business can be confident to proceed to the next phase with or without us. Though we’re sure that once you see what we’re capable of, you’ll never want to go anywhere else.