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Simulations, Imaging, Collaboration, Middleware

Machine Learning

Computer Vision, Automation, Deep Learning and more


Distributed Ledgers, ICOs, Tokens, Cryptocurrency


Scaling, Logistics, Security + Integration

Digital Realities, Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence are changing what's possible, but to navigate the bleeding edge, you need expert assistance.

Whether you’re creating new worlds, teaching machines, launching an ICO or solving enterprise business problems, Magic Industries can help.

Backed by over 20+ years of enterprise software development experience, our multi-disciplinary team is helping our clients invent the future.

Services we offer

White Papers + Technical Spec

  • High level white paper
  • Detailed technical writing
  • Technical Spec documents
  • Modular Design
  • Ready for hand over to build team

Recruitment Assistance

  • Team composition design
  • Locating talent,
  • Interviews
  • Developer testing

Application Architecture

  • Technical Stack direction
  • Development Process
  • Development Team
  • Infrastructure Requirements
  • Risk Assessment

Software Development

  • Prototype and PoC development
  • Data architecture
  • Database development
  • Dev environment and build scripts
  • Testing and integration
  • Code reviews
  • Api development
  • Client development
  • Devops & Infrastructure
  • AWS / Elastic Beanstalk setup
  • App store deployments

Specialised Workshops

  • Workshops on bleeding edge technologies
  • For lay people and tech professionals
  • Identification and screening of subject matter experts to deliver workshops on specific topics

Ongoing Support

  • Advisory and support
  • Ongoing support for developers
  • Ongoing review of roadmap and keeping it up to date
  • General advisory availability for leadership or direction questions (sounding board)
  • Ongoing review with the leadership and team to keep things on track


CTO as a Service



You need high level assistance but you can’t afford a full-time CTO. Imagine if you could just borrow a CTO only when you needed one.


VR/AR/MR Workshops

Our Introduction to VR/AR/MR Workshop is the best way for teams to develop an understanding of the entire range of immersive technologies.

In Development

Our long term internal development projects. We work toward enterprise collaborative MR workspaces and ubiquitous MR.


A collaborative enterprise working space for VR/AR/MR


An engine for VR/AR/MR that allows users to manipulate 3D objects in virtual space using only the movements you use in real life


Your friendly, go anywhere VR/AR/MR assistant

Reality Forge

A platform for content automation, lookdev, app generation and ubiquitous MR infrastructure.

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